Shop in the comfort of your own home with your family and friends. Product knowledge at your fingertips. Shopping done and dusted at a click of a mouse. No pressure from salespeople, no driving in traffic, no time waste. Doing your bit for the vehicle pollution, saving fuel and money. Sounds great, let us serve you.


The leading online retailer of appliances and audio visuals in South Africa

We are the leading online retailer of appliances and audio visuals in South Africa. We are trusted by our customers nationwide.

We offer the widest online range  of all the top brands, deliver nation-wide and tell you exactly how much delivery will cost.


But it's our service and service providers that really sets us apart...

What really makes us different is that we tailor our business around our customer’s requirements.

1. They wanted SAME - DAY delivery, a precise delivery window and a courtesy call before arrival.

2. They wanted us to connect their new appliances and take away their old appliances.

3. They wanted extended delivery hours.

4. They needed a service provider for the installation of their goods, or repairs in their homes and place of work, we provided.

Abc Online aims to give their customers the experience they want. To do this we have established our own delivery service. Features of our delivery service include the following:

•  We call with an estimated 2 hour delivery window e.g. we estimate we'll be there between 
   12.30pm - 2.30pm, and contact you again an hour before we arrive.

•  Free Delivery (terms and conditions apply).

•  Free connecting of appliance (if no plumber or electrician is required).

•  Free removal and recycling of boxes and packaging.

•  Free removal and recycling of appliances you are disposing of.

•  Free removal of any appliances that have been disconnected from the wall or cupboards.

•  Free transport of any usable items given by you, the customer, to be donated to charity.

•  Free check of all your big gas appliances (hobs, stoves, fridges, fireplaces etc).

•  Free loyalty membership.

•  Free application for finance, online. Application goes DIRECTLY to the bank, privacy is of       utmost importance to us.


Service Providers

We offer a wide range of service providers that are experts in their field, dedicated to customer satisfaction. You will liaise with them directly. The customer speaks and they listen. Should you want to send us your feed back, (good or bad experience), do so on the service providers page. All dissatisfactions will be resolved.


What is Just Right?

Just Right is an information validation process that checks and verifies information of business establishments or service providers listed with Abc Online. It validates records and contact details to ensure that the information provided is accurate & updated.


What is ABC Verified?

It means that the information of business establishments, professionals or service providers has been verified as registered, existing and correct at the time of the advertiser's application to register with Abc Online.

All work guaranteed. You can send us your comments of your experience (good or bad) of the service provider on their page. All disputes will be resolved.


... and our expertise

Regardless of where you are in South Africa, we know you want expert product advice before you buy online. We've made it our objective to employ experienced customer service representatives. Between them, they have years of experience working in the appliances and audio visual industry.


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